Valve cleaning
Valve cleaning

Cleaning without removal: "Valve Clean Technology"

Valve cleaning

Cleaning without removal: "Valve Clean Technology"

Innovative valve cleaning: fast, effective, cost-saving

TUNAP's valve cleaning revolutionizes the conventional methods of valve care: Our "Valve Clean Technology" offers a fast, efficient and cost-saving solution for workshops, car dealerships and drivers. The technology enables thorough cleaning of the valves without the time-consuming and costly removal of the cylinder head. Find out all about the benefits and process of TUNAP valve cleaning, which not only saves time and money, but also improves the performance and service life of your vehicle.

Advantages of TUNAP valve cleaning:

  • Time saving: Up to 70% time saving compared to conventional methods.
  • Cost efficiency: Savings of around EUR 2,000 for end customers by avoiding extensive disassembly work.
  • Material protection: Cleaning without damaging the valve surfaces, promotes engine service life.
  • Health protection: Valve Clean technology is free from allergens and protects user health.
  • Optimum cleaning result: Effective removal of deposits and coking for improved engine performance.
  • Environmentally friendly: The cleaning agents used are environmentally friendly and safe.

Signs of valve contamination and cleaning process

Valve cleaning TUNAP

The "Valve Clean" Technology

  • microflex® 933 valve cleaning granulate:Cleans dirty valves without damaging the surfaces.
  • microflex® 936 neutralization solution:: Completely dissolves residues and coking after pellet cleaning.

How it works

The "Valve Clean Technology" works in two steps:

  • 1. cleaning: Compressed air applies the granules to the valves and removes deposits.
  • 2. neutralization: The neutralization solution cleans and neutralizes any remaining residues.


  • Efficiency: The technology enables fast and thorough cleaning.
  • Safety: It is gentle on the engine and contains no harmful chemicals.
  • Environmental friendliness:Both the granulate and the solution are environmentally friendly.

Valve cleaning from TUNAP

Traditionally, valve cleaning requires the removal of the cylinder head, which is time-consuming. TUNAP has developed an alternative, innovative solution: Valve cleaning without removal. This method uses the advanced "Valve Clean Technology" to clean valves efficiently and without disassembly.

No need to remove the cylinder head

Our process cleans the valves without removing the cylinder head by using our special cleaning granules and solutions to effectively remove deposits and coking.

Why is this important?

Deposits on the valves can lead to various engine problems, such as loss of power, increased fuel consumption and rough idling. Regular cleaning ensures optimum engine performance and efficiency.

Valve cleaning procedure

1. preparation

The engine should cool down before the intake manifold and other parts are removed to gain access to the valves.

2. application of the cleaning granulate

The Microflex® 933 valve cleaning granulate is applied to the valves and evenly distributed over the valve surfaces using compressed air to remove deposits.

3. extraction of granules and impurities

After cleaning, the used granulate and dissolved impurities are extracted.

4. application of the neutralization solution

The Microflex® 936 neutralization solution dissolves any residues and neutralizes the valves.

5. completion and inspection

The intake manifold and other parts are reassembled. The engine is then started to check for smooth operation.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) about valve cleaning

Yes, the TUNAP "Valve Clean Technology" is suitable for most vehicle types, especially those with direct injection.

The frequency of valve cleaning depends on various factors, such as driving style and conditions. In general, regular inspection and cleaning is recommended.

The duration may vary, but in general, valve cleaning without disassembly is significantly faster than traditional methods.

Yes, the TUNAP "Valve Clean Technology" is safe and gentle on your engine.