TUNAP has been supporting individual mobility for 50 years. Starting out as an international partner to the automotive industry for systems and development, we now have unique expertise in the field of "cleaning, protecting, lubricating". We use our experience from automotive and industrial applications to develop bicycle care products that meet the highest standards.

Thanks to our high product quality, TUNAP SPORTS is a proud supplier of care products for the FES (Institute for Research and Development of Sports Equipment) and the BDR (German Cycling Federation).

Our product range

Our products are easy to use and convince with their powerful effect. Instead of having to deal with a wide variety of special cleaners and care products, we offer solutions that are suitable for every biker. Whether you ride a mountain bike, an e-bike, a racing bike or a stylish city bike - we have the right products that all bike enthusiasts will love. Here is an overview of our product range:

Bike Produkte

Bicycle care products for the trade. Highest quality for your customers and workshops.

Technik Line

Bike care

Discover our range of specially developed cleaning agents and lubricants to keep your bike in top shape. Our effective detergents remove dirt effortlessly, while our oils and greases ensure a smooth riding experience.

Our products are easy to use and offer ideal maintenance solutions for bike enthusiasts of all experience levels. Save time on maintenance and enjoy more time on the bike with our reliable bike care products.

Body Care



Body care

Discover our specially developed body care products for athletes that protect, refresh and regenerate your skin during and after intensive training. Our high-quality formulas provide optimal care and protection so you can focus on your sporting goals while we take care of your skin.

Here you will find all the important information about our products.


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