Maintenance sprays
Maintenance sprays

Lubrication, cleaning and care at the highest level:
With the maintenance sprays from Human Technology® and the Professional Line

Maintenance sprays

Lubrication, cleaning and care at the highest level:
With the maintenance sprays from Human Technology® and the Professional Line


Making the workshop world a little better

TUNAP Human Technology® brings people and technology into harmony: the new maintenance series for daily use offers maximum functionality while at the same time taking into account the health of users who have to deal with maintenance and cleaning products - often for a lifetime. And, of course, want to stay healthy. For everyone who cares about their health: Take the opportunity and offer your team the best possible working environment - with TUNAP Human Technology® - every day.

Human Technology® or Professional Line?

You decide: Our maintenance products offer a choice between Human Technology® and the Professional Line. Both lines meet the quality and performance requirements for your daily work in the workshop. To ensure these standards, our products undergo extensive testing in our own research and development department and are continuously optimized.

Human Technology® is the result of this commitment. We are convinced that maintenance products should not only be effective, but ideally also as gentle as possible on the user's health. So if you care about your own health and that of your colleagues and want to create a safe workplace, our Human Technology® maintenance products are the ideal choice. Our products are even certified by the NSF and approved for use in food processing areas because they do not contain n-hexane, which is harmful to the nerves, or allergenic fragrances and dyes.


A healthy dose of technology

TUNAP Human Technology® offers your business all the important maintenance and care products for daily use in the workshop. From a single source. In a newly designed professional range. Your team will always have all products to hand with the Human Technology® workshop basket:

  • Outstanding quality
  • Simple, quick and clean application
  • Optimum spray pattern
  • Fast flash-off

Maintenance for professionals

With the Professional range, TUNAP offers a new standard for maintenance: The product range includes all care and cleaning products from rust remover to greases, silicone oils, interior cleaners and brake care. The Professional line offers advantages such as

  • easy application
  • clean dosage
  • optimum spray pattern and
  • fast flash-off times

Human Technology® in image and sound

Human Technology®: sustainable and safe

Tested by independent institutions

Independent institutions confirm the quality of TUNAP Human Technology®. TUNAP has its products voluntarily certified by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM. The NSF certifies products for use in food processing plants and machines, subject to strict requirements.

Responsibility for people and the environment

Today, a sustainable and environmentally friendly working environment is a decisive criterion when choosing a career and workplace. By using the TUNAP Human Technology® line, garages and car dealerships not only create an attractive working environment for their employees, but also demonstrate a responsible approach to chemicals.

Free from harmful n-hexane
Free from harmful n-hexane

N-hexane is a frequently used, colorless and highly volatile solvent in cleaning agents. It can cause irreversible damage to the central nervous system. Frequent contact with products containing n-hexane can result in symptoms such as headaches, numbness, dizziness or muscle paralysis.

Without allergenic fragrances and colorants
Without allergenic fragrances and colorants

Conventional care products and lubricants often contain substances that are harmful to the environment and health as well as allergenic perfumes and dyes. This can lead to allergies and asthma through contact with the skin or respiratory tract. TUNAP Human Technology®, on the other hand, is free from allergenic fragrances and colorants.


Questions and answers about our maintenance products

The choice of maintenance and cleaning products can have a significant impact on the interior air and the health of the occupants. However, many conventional products used in the interior are either harmful to health or have hardly been tested.

The ingredients, such as solvents and fragrances, can trigger allergies and asthma if they come into contact with the skin or respiratory tract. It is estimated that there are around 20,000 allergy-causing substances. One example of this is the fragrance limonene (lemon scent), which is often used in interior care products and is particularly worrying due to its side effects. It irritates the skin and respiratory tract, skin contact can trigger sensitization and thus allergies. It is also very toxic to aquatic organisms.

For TUNAP, sustainability means both the careful use of resources and consideration of the individual health of car occupants and workshop personnel. The Human Technology® products for car maintenance and interior care meet the highest health standards and at the same time guarantee the best quality in technical application.

Anyone who comes into contact with these products is potentially at risk. More and more end users, as well as car mechanics, are suffering from the effects of allergies, asthma and chronic skin diseases due to contact with conventional products. As a result, many conventional products pose a risk not only to allergy sufferers, children and the elderly, but also to the workshop staff who use the products on a daily basis.

Direct skin contact and touching are no longer a risk: the innovative TUNAP Human Technology® helps to protect the health of users in the workshop and end consumers in their cars. Independent tests confirm this: TUNAP voluntarily has its products certified by NSF International, The Public Health and Safety CompanyTM. Normally, NSF products are developed for food processing equipment and machinery, which is a demanding profile. This shows that the standards that apply to products that come into direct contact with people are highly satisfactory.