Safety and efficiency for current and future vehicles.


Safety and efficiency for current and future vehicles.

Professional maintenance for vehicle electrics

Now that electromobility is a permanent fixture on the roads, professional maintenance of electrical systems in vehicles is essential. TUNAP, as a leading provider in vehicle maintenance, takes up this challenge with a comprehensive range of electronic products especially for current and future vehicle generations. Our products guarantee maximum safety and efficiency, tailored to the complex requirements of electric vehicles.

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Ready for e-mobility

The electrics in modern vehicles, especially e-vehicles, present a complex challenge. With operating voltages of up to 800 volts in electric motors, these vehicles require special care products. TUNAP's electrical products are precisely tailored to these requirements to ensure safety and longevity in high-voltage applications. They are essential for maintenance and care to ensure the performance and reliability of electric vehicles.

Cleaning electrical contacts

Effective cleaning of electrical contacts is crucial for the functionality and safety of vehicle electronics. The 375 contact cleaner from TUNAP has been specially developed for this task. It not only removes grease, oil and dirt, but also flushes moisture out of hard-to-reach areas and evaporates quickly without leaving any residue. This optimally prepares the surfaces for subsequent protective treatment and is a key element in professional electrical maintenance.

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Reliable electrical protection

TUNAP offers a wide range of electrical protection products to ensure the longevity and reliability of electronic systems:

  • 354 Electronics Spray: a versatile product that acts as a contact cleaner and lubricant, providing additional long-term protection.
  • 373 Electronics Oil: Provides protection against chemical and electronic corrosion, ideal for ultra-fine coatings.
  • 372 Electronics Grease: An excellent alternative to oil, with similar protective properties.
  • 377 Battery terminal protection varnish: Provides durable, acid and temperature-resistant corrosion protection.

For the right contact

Proper care of electronic components is crucial for the functionality and safety of vehicles. TUNAP's professional electrical products provide a non-conductive lubricating film and offer effective protection against moisture and corrosion. These products have been specially developed for the maintenance of electronic components to ensure reliable functionality and longevity of electronic components.

Lasting mobility

TUNAP's electrical contact service is an essential service to prevent common causes of vehicle breakdowns. According to ADAC, many breakdowns are caused by electrical problems. By using TUNAP's specialized products and services, garages and car dealerships can help their customers avoid mobility restrictions and unnecessary expenses.

New generation

e-Mobility ready: The TUNAP Professional Electrics Line meets the high requirements of the new generation of electrically powered vehicles. These products are not only suitable for current e-vehicles, but also for future high-voltage applications, guaranteeing safety and durability. TUNAP keeps you at the cutting edge of e-mobility.