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Car exterior

Bodywork program from TUNAP: Innovative solutions for professionals

Car exterior

Bodywork program from TUNAP: Innovative solutions for professionals

Professional solutions for bodywork, windshield bonding and cleaning

In the field of automotive maintenance and repair, the TUNAP bodywork range offers solutions from direct glazing to underbody protection. These solutions are developed for bodywork specialists and are characterized by efficiency, economy and a wide range of accessories. Our bodywork range is characterized by:

  • Innovative bonding technologies for modern car bodies.
  • High-quality sealants for optimum comfort and corrosion protection.
  • Long-term guarantees against rusting through thanks to state-of-the-art anti-corrosion chemistry.
  • Environmentally friendly windshield cleaning with Human Technology®.

Optimum care for the vehicle exterior

The TUNAP bodywork program offers a wide range of application options:

  • Direct glazing and windshield repair: Secure and durable bonding of automotive glass.
  • Underbody protection: Protection against corrosion and stone chipping.
  • Body repair: Innovative solutions for repairs and maintenance.
Auto aussen

Powerful solutions for care and protection

The benefits of our products for bodywork, windshield bonding and cleaning include:

  • Greater vehicle safety: thanks to the use of high-quality materials.
  • Longer vehicle life: Thanks to effective protection and maintenance.
  • Environmental friendliness: Reduction of harmful emissions and chemicals.

Innovative bonding technologies

They are the core of TUNAP's car body range. They enable the production of highly rigid car bodies and at the same time offer flexibility in application - a crucial component for modern automotive production and repair.

Sealants for the highest demands

Our MS®-based sealants stand for outstanding processing properties. They not only offer effective corrosion protection, but are also optimized for weldability and recoatability. An ideal choice for a wide range of applications.

Comprehensive corrosion protection

The products are an essential part of the TUNAP bodywork program. They offer long-lasting protection for all body parts, especially in rust-prone areas. This is crucial to maintain the longevity and value of the vehicle.

Human Technology® in windshield cleaning

Our Human Technology® line of windshield cleaning products do not contain allergenic fragrances, dyes or harmful solvents. This environmentally friendly approach not only ensures effective cleaning, but also protects the health of users and the environment.