Brake cleaning

Innovative brake cleaning for maximum safety and performance

Brake cleaning

Innovative brake cleaning for maximum safety and performance

Our brake products: Safety and quality

TUNAP offers a high-quality range of brake products, tailor-made for workshop professionals. Our focus is on maximum safety and quality to ensure brake performance and reliability. The 915 TUNSolve® safety cleaner, developed in cooperation with the employers' liability insurance association, exemplifies our commitment to safety and quality.


TUNSolve® safety cleaner: health and environmental protection

The TUNSolve® safety cleaner sets new standards in brake cleaning. It combines optimum cleaning performance with a reduced fire risk and lower health risks. The product was developed in close cooperation with safety experts and meets the highest standards for workshop applications. Its main features are

  • Meets the requirements of the current Hazardous Substances Ordinance for fire risk minimization.
  • N-hexane-free formulation, no allergenic fragrances, no hazardous labeling.
  • High proportion of renewable raw materials, reduced CO₂ emissions.
114 Bremsenrostschutz

114 brake rust protection: perfect performance

Our 114 Brake Rust Protection is the latest innovation in our range. This 2-in-1 rust protection spray for brake systems not only provides effective protection against rust formation, but also gives the brakes an attractive silver-grey finish. Easy to use, it shortens the flash-off time and ensures long-lasting protection for brake callipers and brake discs. The highlights of 114 Brake Rust Protection are:

  • Rust-stop effect: effective protection, even during long periods of downtime.
  • Visual enhancer: Gives the brakes a new appearance.
  • Ease of use: Short flash-off time and easy application.

Brake care: Variety for every requirement

TUNAP offers a wide range of brake care products that are impressive in terms of both their performance and their variety of applications. These high-performance solutions include the 112 Professional Brake Spray and the 913 Brake Paste from the Human Technology® line.

  • 112 Professional Brake Spray: Ideal for lubricating and damping the brakes during inspection. Advantages: Long-term corrosion protection and easy handling.
  • 113 Professional Brake Paste: Versatile protection against brake squeal, corrosion and seizure. Extremely resistant to high temperatures and pressure, does not drip and dampens effectively - also metal-free.
  • 913 Human Technology® Brake Paste: Free of solvents and n-hexane, resistant to high pressure and temperature ranges (-40°C to +1600°C). Development: Originally designed for use on oil rigs, it offers outstanding performance, even under extreme conditions.

Brake cleaning: safety and performance

Our brake cleaner range is characterized by products that excel in terms of both performance and safety. In addition to the professional version, TUNAP offers the safety cleaner in particular, which was developed in cooperation with the employers' liability insurance association.

  • 115 Professional brake cleaner: Reliably removes oily dirt, grease and silicone. Application: Suitable for various components and surfaces.
  • 915 Human Technology® Safety Cleaner: Free from n-hexane and aromatics, reduces health risks. Safety features: Spray jet instead of spray mist, lower explosion limit >1.5 vol. %, high electrical quiescent conductivity.