Air conditioning running.
Also cleaned?

Professional air conditioning cleaning in accordance with VDI 6032.

Air conditioning running.
Also cleaned?

Professional air conditioning cleaning in accordance with VDI 6032.

Mikroorganismen Klimaanlage

Health risks of a dirty air conditioning system

Inadequately maintained air conditioning systems conceal harmful microorganisms. Especially in the evaporator, the warm and humid environment provides ideal conditions for mold, fungi, bacteria and germs. These microorganisms enter the vehicle interior via the fan and can cause various health problems.

  • Mold and fungi in the car not only cause unpleasant odors, but also trigger respiratory problems and allergies in the occupants.
  • Bacteria and germs spread via the vehicle air circulation and significantly affect the well-being of passengers.
  • A dirty pollen filter significantly reduces the air quality in the car by spreading dust, pollen and other allergens. These problems can severely affect the health and comfort of the occupants.

Regular cleaning of the air conditioning system is therefore essential, not only to maintain driving comfort, but also to protect the health of all occupants with clean and hygienic interior air.

Recommended for a healthy vehicle interior climate

Breathe freely again? airco well® makes it possible

The airco well® cleaning method is an innovative solution for dealing with the challenges of a dirty air conditioning system. It is a thorough but gentle cleaning method, specially developed to improve the air quality in the vehicle and protect the occupants.

Unlike conventional disinfection methods, our method contains no biocides to minimize health risks. ECARF and gui-lab have confirmed the effectiveness and safety of the airco well® cleaning method in accordance with VDI guideline 6032. It effectively removes dirt and microorganisms from the pollen filter box and the evaporator, which significantly improves the air quality.

With airco well®, the air conditioning system not only remains clean, but also free from harmful microorganisms - for a clean and healthy vehicle interior climate!

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Reinigung Klimaanlage

VDI recommendation and cleaning intervals

Regular cleaning of air conditioning systems is crucial for good air quality and the well-being of the occupants. The Association of German Engineers (VDI) has issued specific recommendations for cleaning intervals for air conditioning systems in motor vehicles:

  • Cleaning the air conditioning evaporator: annual cleaning is recommended to effectively remove mold, bateria and other microorganisms.
  • Cleaning the pollen filter box: This should be carried out every time the pollen filter is changed to ensure continuous air purity and freshness.

These guidelines ensure consistently high air quality and protect the health of vehicle occupants. Regular cleaning with airco well® ensures that your air conditioning system is not only clean, but also efficient and safe.

Efficient cleaning steps for maximum effect

Cleaning with airco well® is carried out as follows: After removing the pollen filter, the evaporator is treated with 994 Hygiene Cleaner and a special pressure cup gun. This method ensures thorough and effective cleaning. The pollen filter box is then cleaned with 996 Hygiene Cleaner. This ensures that the pollen filter box is completely cleaned in order to insert a new filter in a clean environment and guarantee optimum air quality.


Why airco well® is the better choice

Choosing airco well® to clean your air conditioning system offers a number of advantages over conventional methods:

  • Gentle cleaning: Unlike aggressive disinfectants that can attack components, airco well® offers gentle yet effective cleaning that ensures the longevity of the system.
  • Safety and health: The airco well® process does not use biocidal substances and alcohols, which can be harmful to health. It therefore guarantees safe breathing air without harmful residues.
  • Comprehensive certification: Both ECARF and TÜV have confirmed the efficiency and safety of the airco well® system, which guarantees the highest level of trust in quality.
  • Sustainability and efficiency: Regular use of airco well® not only improves air quality, but can also reduce the vehicle's fuel consumption.